Vacation care is open to children from any school. LOSCCI caters for children from Kindy age to year 6.

 Vacation Care operates from 7:00am-6:00pm Monday to Friday during school holidays and on pupil free days.

Each year LOSCCI is closed on 24th December, and on the days between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

A Vacation Care program is created for each set of holidays and parents need to complete a vacation care booking form to indicate which days their child/ren will attend and provide authorisation to participate in excursions and incursions.

The Vacation Care Program booklet is available in the centre approximately 4 weeks before each holiday period. Please check the forms page to see if any upcoming program is available.  

Excursions and Incursions

During school holidays LOSCCI runs excursions or incursions on some days.

 Common excursions are movies, trips to indoor play centres such as Jungle Gym, trips to parks, bowling, and roller skating.

Incursions involve staying at LOSCCI and joining in activities such as bouncy castles and the Gymbus.

Parents are notified of the venue of each excursion in the Vacation Care Program booklet and must authorise each individual excursion and incursion on the booking form. If the parent/guardian does not authorise the excursion then the child will not be able to participate.

An excursion plan is also posted on the notice board on the day of the excursion, with information on departure and arrival times. You will always be required to collect your child from the LOSCCI centre.

See the fees page for current fees.

What to Bring

When attending vacation care at LOSCCI:

  • children must have a hat and t-shirt which comply with the centre sun policy (ie broad brimmed or legionnaire's style hat, no singlets or thin strapped tshirts). If you are unsure, please check with the staff
  • children must wear closed in shoes on excursions
  • bring a packed lunch everyday, including morning tea (similar to what your child takes to school each day)
  • bring a refillable drink bottle
  • bring a change of clothes if water based activities are planned
Please do not bring mobile phones or electronic games. There is no spending money allowed on excursions.

Activity Program

A program outlining a variety of activities is created for each day of vacation care and displayed on the notice board each week. All children’s ages, interests, religions and cultural needs are considered when writing a program.

We offer activities which meet all aspects of a child’s development including: physical, creative, exploratory, dramatic, cognitive and construction. Both indoor and outdoor activities are offered to the children. Children are also given the opportunity to perform activities by themselves or as part of a group.

As well as programmed activities children are provided with equipment for supervised free play. A

Popular inside free play activities include the well-stocked craft table, the home corner and our extensive collection of games and lego. Movies on DVD are also screened at certain times. 

Signing in and out

It is a requirement that that children are signed in and/or out of the centre each day that they are booked. This a requirement for both licensing and Child Care Benefit. Failure to sign will result in an "absent day" being recorded. After 42 absent days for the year, there will be a loss of  CCB, resulting in you having to pay full fee for that day.

Collection of children

Children can only be collected by a parent or a person pre-nominated on your child's enrolment form. The person collecting your child must be 18 years or older. Photo identification is required for any person collecting a child that is unknown to staff and is not the child's parent.