Before School Care - 7:00am-9:00am Monday to Friday

In the mornings children can arrive at LOSCCI from 7am onwards. Children are  either transported by bus with LOSCCI staff to their school or released from the centre in time for each school's start time.

Kindergarten and Pre-primary children are accompanied by LOSSCI staff to their classroom and a staff member stays with the child until the teacher opens the classroom.

Year 1 to 6 students are supervised to safely leave the bus and once on school grounds children make their own way to their classrooms.

Parents are encouraged to feed their children breakfast at home but in the event that they are running late, parents are welcome to bring cereal for the staff to give your child (milk is supplied).  Make sure you notify a staff member on arrival if your child requires breakfast.

Please see the fees page for current before school fees.


After School Care -  School Closure time - 6:00pm Monday to Friday

In the afternoon children from Years 1 to 6 make their own way from their classrooms to the centre or the ‘LOSCCI meeting point’ on the school grounds.They are then transported by bus with LOSCCI staff to the LOSCCI centre.

Kindergatren and Pre-primary children are collected by LOSSCI staff from their classroom and are accompanied to the centre or to the LOSCCI meeting point’ on the school grounds, where they will be collected by the LOSCCI bus.

An attendance roll is checked to ensure all children have arrived.

Afternoon tea is offered to all children. This varies from day to day. Special dietry requirements are accomodated.  Fresh fruit is offered daily.  A menu is displayed on the notice board.

Please see the fees page for current after school care fees.


Activity Program

A program outlining a variety of activities is created and displayed on the notice board each week.  All children’s ages, interests, religions and cultural needs are considered when writing a program.  LOSCCI offer activities which meet all aspects of a child’s development including: physical, creative, exploratory, dramatic, cognitive and construction.  Both indoor and outdoor activities are offered to the children.  Children are also given the opportunity to perform activities by themselves or as part of a group.

Signing in and out

It is a requirement that that children are signed in and/or out of the centre each day that they are booked. If a child is not signed in or out, they will be recorded as absent.  Only 42 absences are allowed per year before CCB is affected and all additional absences are charged at the full fee.

Collection of children

Children can only be collected from the cente by a parent or a person pre-nominated on your child's enrolment form.  The person collecting your child must be 18 years or older.  Photo identification is required for any person collecting a child that is unknown to staff and not the child's parent.